We bring the world to the classroom!

In a globalized world, it’s important to create active global citizens and that is exactly what we do.

About Our Workshops

Are your students learning about the SDGs, global changes or other international topics? Engage your students in reflective and deep discussions that will broaden their horizons!

We offer a wide array of workshops with passionate and international facilitators, with the the goal of bringing the world to your classroom. Your students will not only gain new unique knowledge but also build new personal competencies through our interactive learning methods.

Some of our methods are inspired by methods used in the Danish Højskole, the European Council’s Compass human rights-based compendium, CB Breaking the Culture of Silence Activities Book, forum theatre, and various gaming and action learning methods.

What Makes Us Unique?


Our diverse team of internationally renowned facilitators ensures that our workshops are offer a wealth of first-hand information from around the world.


We pride ourselves on our adaptability, providing workshops that can be conducted online, at your school, or at our conveniently located office in Nørrebro.


You have the freedom to choose a specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), and we will develop a workshop that revolves around that particular topic.


Through debates, role-playing, games, and other innovative techniques, we ensure that students remain fully involved and enthusiastic throughout the workshop.

Our Global Facilitators​

Our team of facilitators is equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise across a wide range of topics. This enables us to customize our offerings to cater specifically to the unique needs and requests of the school and its students.​

Garba Diallo


Area of Expertise: Global Issues

Tatjana Stefanovic

Country: Serbia

Area of Expertise: Human Rights and Non-Formal Education

Mia Toftdahl

Country: Denmark

Area of Expertise: Education and Mental Health

Luka Tsibadze

Country: Georgia

Area of Expertise: Youth Empowerment and Media Literacy

Iustin Baisan

Country: Romania

Area of Expertise: Education and Wellbeing

Rasmus Smetana

Country: Denmark

Area of Expertise: Technology and Anthropology

Margaret Maged

Country: Egypt

Area of Expertise: Life Skills Development and Education

Andrew Gibbons

Country: U.S.A/Italy

Area of Expertise: Language Justice, Anti-racism, and Youth Empowerment

Bikalpa Basaula

Country: Nepal

Area of Expertise: Human Rights and Migration

Maryam Alaouie

Country: Lebanon/Denmark

Area of Expertise: Politics, Media and Social Issues

Angeliki Alexopoulou

Country: Greece

Area of Expertise: Intercultural Relations, DEIB, Global Citizenship

Facilitator: Pearl Cutten

Country: Botswana/India/ Denmark

Area of Expertise: Creativity, Storytelling and Music

Olga Skalska

Country: Poland

Area of Expertise: Psychology and Well-being

Kakaire Ashraf

Country: Uganda

Area of Expertise: Human Rights and Governance

Wakibu Bunnya

Country: Uganda

Area of Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship

Peniel Rwendeire

Country: Uganda

Area of Expertise: Climate Action

Ronah Ahumuza

Country: Uganda

Area of Expertise: Climate Change and Recycling

Ibrahim Maahil Mohamed

Country: Maldives

Area of Expertise: Climate Challenges and Journalism

Sajida Mufeed

Country: Maldives

Area of Expertise: Women and Democracy

Bilal Masood

Country: Pakistan

Area of Expertise: Politics and Culture

Nakato Rehema Sessimba

Country: Uganda

Area of Expertise: Health and Well-being

Umedakhon Buzurukova

Country: Uzbekistan

Area of Expertise: Social Science and Diversity

Ilona Sahakyan

Country: Armenia

Area of Expertise: Education and Mental Health

Ebrar Bahçivan

Country: Turkey

Area of Expertise: Media and Communication

Partner Schools

Below, you’ll find a selection of schools we’ve previously partnered with and successfully conducted our workshops at